The Munn Fund

About The Munn Fund

Hickory Log was established in 1970, by Al and Sarah Munn with the dream of creating a safe place to call home for young men with special needs—no matter their financial status—and to partner with the community for support. For the last 51 years, both goals have been met!

We currently house 19 men with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and this happens independent of government assistance. We’ve always relied on the community for support, and the community has always been faithful. In 2021 alone, through fundraisers, foundations, and individuals, Hickory Log has received donations totaling over $200,000. However, even with community support, we continue to live in the financial repercussions of welcoming all special needs men with little to no regard for their financial status.

Ideally, all of the residents can pay the full rent and all donated money can go towards upgrades and expansion. Instead, with few exceptions, our residents and their families are not able to pay full rent.

The Munn Fund is designed to fill the gap between the amount Hickory Log needs and the amount our residents can afford.

When you commit to giving to The Munn Fund, your monthly donation ensures that Hickory Log will continue successfully serving the special needs community by providing a safe place to call home for men with special needs—no matter their financial status.

The four commitment levels represent the gaps in most of our guys’ payments. The goal is for individuals, groups, and/or corporate donors to make monthly contributions for one year, which will cover a resident’s deficit.

Your donation makes a difference!